Owlworksllc.com Website Design

Owlworksllc.com is an example of a site I created using WordPress along with a theme called Sweet Tech.

Firestone Country Club Lobby Welcome Screen Graphic

A few years ago, Firestone added a digital welcome screen in the lobby, and the general manager asked me if I could create a graphic to be used as the background and this is what I came up with. It is currently being used in a slideshow program to list times and locations of events taking place during the day.

Playing Cards Graphics

I really enjoy playing poker and am a huge Cleveland sports fan, so I designed a couple graphics to have printed on durable, plastic playing cards. The design had to be such that it would be identical no matter which way the cards were turned and this is how they turned out.

Family Photo Collage

This is a collage of old family photos blended over a large recent photo that I made for my mom for her birthday. I think the quality is somewhat lowered due to the camera used and poor lighting, but overall I like how it turned out.

Wedding Photo With Overlaid Song Lyrics

My friend needed a wedding gift for someone and she asked me if I could take one of their engagement photos and overlay it with the lyrics of their wedding song.

Stylized Wedding Photo

This photo was taken during one of my best friends’ wedding. I made some modifications to it and used it as my Facebook profile image for a while.

Chuck Norris Movie Cover

I made this graphic when everyone was making the Chuck Norris jokes a while back.

Ping Pong Graphic

Ping pong is another thing I really enjoy playing, so that inspired me to make this graphic.